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Drive eCommerce form conversions with AffiliateWP

Drive eCommerce Form Conversions with an Affiliate Network

If your site is focused on selling a very small selection of products, you may not need a full eCommerce solution to manage the sales of your product(s). In this case, you might have a landing page with an ordering...

/ September 28, 2015
using affiliatewp with woocommerce

Case Study: Using AffiliateWP with WooCommerce to Promote Cruelty-free Makeup Products

Today’s case study brings together two plugins I love using: AffiliateWP and WooCommerce. AffiliateWP is a great solution because it integrates easily with almost any eCommerce plugin, and using AffiliateWP with WooCommerce is no exception. The WooCommerce integration can be...

/ March 25, 2015
Pay Affiliates Recurring Commissions

Pay Affiliates Recurring Commissions with AffiliateWP

My favorite plugin for creating an eCommerce affiliate program is AffiliateWP. It’s easy to use, dependable, and has several add-ons to let you extend what it can do for your store. It’s also developer-friendly in case their are further changes...

/ January 19, 2015
Use affiliate marketing for your store

6 Tips to Use Affiliate Marketing for Your Store

Creating your product line and setting up your eCommerce store is hard work. Like, really hard work. We even have an article series devoted to launching your store that goes through the important steps to take. Not only will you...

/ October 20, 2014
AffiliateWP review

Promoting Your eCommerce Store: AffiliateWP Review

Promoting a new product or eCommerce store can be difficult, especially if you don’t have an existing brand or reputation to piggy-back off of. So what are some proven ways you can promote your new product or store? Paid advertisements...

/ August 13, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup May 2, 2014

Plugin updates and releases! Store management advice! Extra, extra, read all about it! WP eCommerce has a release candidate of version 3.8.14 available for testing! Try it on a staging site, as there are some massive changes made to the...

/ May 2, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup April 25, 2014

Whew, lots of tutorials and marketing advice this week. As an aside, congrats to the WooCommerce team! WooCommerce has now passed 3 million downloads on WordPress.org. We wrote a WPSSO plugin review this week, and mentioned that EDD support was...

/ April 25, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – April 18, 2014

Sales, sales, sales! Check out some coupons and Easter offers – Happy Easter and Passover to those of you celebrating 🙂 . WordPress 3.9 was released this week! If you want to learn about what’s new, I highly recommend the...

/ April 18, 2014
Why Create an Affiliate Program | AffiliateWP Review

Why Create an Affiliate Program for your eCommerce Store

There are tons of ways to increase conversions on your site. We’ve discussed the impacts of design, customer service, shipping methods, product reviews, and more. However, there’s one requirement in place for any of these pieces of advice to matter:...

/ April 9, 2014