Why You Should Sell Gift Certificates & Plugins That Can Help

When you’re launching a new eCommerce store, you’ll probably focus largely on your product line, followed by your fulfillment workflow and online storefront. You may not be thinking about what other products you could offer, or how you can expand...

/ March 9, 2015

4 Ways To Build Your Business Around WooCommerce Extensions

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Case Studies” (Click to expand) Note: This is a guest post from Kirby Prickett. Kirby is the Storyteller at Prospress, an eCommerce software company. Prospress builds extensions for the WooCommerce platform, including...

/ February 18, 2015
learn about ecommerce

11 Sites to Learn More About eCommerce

I got an interesting question this weekend that I thought would make a great post to share today. I was asked which sites I find useful for learning more about eCommerce, and I have a list of several that I...

/ January 12, 2015
Pinterest for WordPress eCommerce

5 Tips to Use Pinterest for WordPress eCommerce

Let’s start with a cold, hard truth: email marketing outperforms social media marketing. Email has 3x as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined, and emails are viewed at higher rates with higher conversion rates and average order values. Does...

/ December 29, 2014
Why A/B Test WordPress eCommerce sites

Why You Should A/B Test Your WordPress eCommerce Site

While the term “A/B testing” has become popular in the last couple of years, the discipline as a whole remains largely underutilized. If you manage an eCommerce store you understand the importance of optimizing your conversion rate, and A/B testing...

/ December 17, 2014
Receiptful Review

Better Order Received Emails: Receiptful Review

You have a fantastic source of revenue that you may not be aware of sitting right in front of you. No really, it’s true. Your current customers are also your best customers, and should be a key area of focus...

/ December 10, 2014
Remove Currency Symbol

Change Pricing Display for Conversions: Edit or Remove Currency Symbols

Getting pricing right is tricky. There’s tons of research out there on pricing, such as the tip that prices that end in ‘9’ are always more attractive that prices that end in a different number, even lower prices. One of...

/ November 17, 2014
Easy Digital Downloads Hide coupons

Easy Digital Downloads: Hide Coupons from Customers

Coupons are great. I personally love coupons. Your customers probably love them, too. However, you may not love coupons – there’s a reason for it. Everyone hates to think that they may have missed out on using a coupon, so...

/ October 29, 2014
Use affiliate marketing for your store

6 Tips to Use Affiliate Marketing for Your Store

Creating your product line and setting up your eCommerce store is hard work. Like, really hard work. We even have an article series devoted to launching your store that goes through the important steps to take. Not only will you...

/ October 20, 2014
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Review

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro Review

The unfortunate reality of running an eCommerce store is that 68% of all carts are abandoned. Think about that in terms of your conversion funnel for a second – that means that 7 of every 10 people that add items...

/ October 15, 2014
Pricing Tables with WordPress

How to Create Pricing Tables with WordPress eCommerce plugins

Pricing Tables are a great way to compare similar or tiered product options, as they provide a quick visual comparison for customers. They also provide the space you need to make a case quickly for why your product is a...

/ October 6, 2014
eCommerce content marketing

5 tips for eCommerce Content Marketing

If you’ve never created an eCommerce store, you may think that getting the store up and running is the hardest part of launching an eCommerce business. However, in my experience, that’s almost always the easiest part of running an eCommerce...

/ September 24, 2014