7 Expectations Customers Have of Your Store

This is a guest post from Patrick Foster of EcommerceTips.org. Patrick loves to help struggling eCommerce businesses and brands connect with their ‘why’ more — whether it’s through content, social media, or design. Got a beautiful store? Can’t wait to...

/ March 1, 2017

Add FAQs to Your WooCommerce Store

Part of a well-crafted sales copy is to answer any objections that customers may have. However, the copy probably won’t be able to address all the questions customers have about your products and the operational side of your business. In...

/ November 28, 2016
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study – Survey Email from The Den

Last month in our email case study, we looked at the receipt email from Michael Kors. In this month’s edition, we’re looking at another lifecycle email – the survey email. These emails are typically sent after a customer makes a...

/ February 29, 2016

Selling Custom Files with WooCommerce

Most any eCommerce platform can make it simple to sell a downloadable file to your customers, but what if that file is part of a service? For example, what if your customers purchase a custom logo design or voiceover work...

/ February 17, 2016
Welcome New Customers

Welcome New Customers or Members to Your Store

The open rates for purchase receipt emails are 4 times higher than marketing emails because customers have invited the email via a direct action (a purchase) and expect to receive it. The expectation of an email makes it much more...

/ February 10, 2016
eCommerce Customer Service

5 Tips to Impress Your Angry Customers

This is post 6 of 6 in the series “Improving Customer Service” (Click to expand) We all know that customer service plays a huge role in purchasing decisions, and is a key to retaining your customers and increasing customer lifetime value....

/ January 13, 2016
lifecycle emails

Engage eCommerce Customers through Lifecycle Emails

For many eCommerce stores, especially when you’re growing, a lot of effort goes into marketing to acquire new customers. This includes ads, promotions on other sites, website copy, videos, and more. Since you’re spending so many resources on customer acquisition,...

/ January 4, 2016
eCommerce Customer Service

8 eCommerce Customer Service Tips

This is post 5 of 6 in the series “Improving Customer Service” (Click to expand) Customer service is one of the essential elements of any successful business, including eCommerce stores. As more and more people shop online, great customer support can...

/ December 21, 2015

Reward WooCommerce Customers with Automatic Discounts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, and hopefully you’ve already completed a lot of your holiday promotion setup and put strategies in place to improve holiday conversions. Even if all of your holiday preparation is done, there are...

/ November 18, 2015
Get More Product Reviews

4 Tips to Get More Product Reviews in Your Store

We’ve talked about how product reviews are important to your store’s success, so they’re definitely an area you can focus on to improve your customers’ shopping experience with your store. According to Power Reviews, 70% of shoppers are more likely...

/ November 4, 2015
WooCommerce Size Guide

How to Create a WooCommerce Size Guide

Clothing is the number one most-purchased product category for US consumers in eCommerce stores, and apparel sales in eCommerce stores account for over $60 billion in revenue in the US alone. As clothing is the most popular item in eCommerce...

/ October 12, 2015
Share WooCommerce Product Information after purchase

How to Show WooCommerce Product Information after Purchase

Sometimes you’ll sell WooCommerce products that require you to provide some information to the customer after purchase. It doesn’t always make sense to provide this information to customers on the product page or to show it before purchasing, as it...

/ September 9, 2015