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4 Ways To Build Your Business Around WooCommerce Extensions

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Case Studies” This articles series includes case studies from real eCommerce stores using WordPress plugins to power their sales. 4 Ways To Build Your Business Around WooCommerce Extensions Case Study: Increasing...

/ February 18, 2015
learn about ecommerce

11 Sites to Learn More About eCommerce

I got an interesting question this weekend that I thought would make a great post to share today. I was asked which sites I find useful for learning more about eCommerce, and I have a list of several that I...

/ January 12, 2015
Pinterest for WordPress eCommerce

5 Tips to Use Pinterest for WordPress eCommerce

Let’s start with a cold, hard truth: email marketing outperforms social media marketing. Email has 3x as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined, and emails are viewed at higher rates with higher conversion rates and average order values. Does...

/ December 29, 2014
Receiptful Review

Better Order Received Emails: Receiptful Review

You have a fantastic source of revenue that you may not be aware of sitting right in front of you. No really, it’s true. Your current customers are also your best customers, and should be a key area of focus...

/ December 10, 2014
set eCommerce shipping rates

4 Ways to Set eCommerce shipping methods with WordPress plugins

We’ve previously given you some tips for setting eCommerce shipping methods, but today we’ll take some of them a step further. Here are some examples of how to create eCommerce shipping methods based on your WordPress eCommerce plugin. Since 56%...

/ November 5, 2014
WooDiscuz Review

WooCommerce Product Questions & Discussion: WooDiscuz Review

WooCommerce product pages include almost all of the data you’ll need about products – reviews, attributes, variations, short and long descriptions, pricing, and more. However, there’s one problem with product pages: they’re static. They’re not interactive. The “Reviews” section is...

/ November 3, 2014
eCommerce content marketing

5 tips for eCommerce Content Marketing

If you’ve never created an eCommerce store, you may think that getting the store up and running is the hardest part of launching an eCommerce business. However, in my experience, that’s almost always the easiest part of running an eCommerce...

/ September 24, 2014
WooCommerce Booking Appointment Plugin Review

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin Review

While WooCommerce supports selling tons of different products, from music files to lumber or other freight items, there are some niche products that require extensions to sell. For example, you can sell products with recurring payments, sell based on measurements,...

/ September 17, 2014
StoreMapper WordPress integration

StoreMapper: Bring eCommerce to Your Customers

One of the most powerful draws of eCommerce is that you can manage an entire business from a monitor screen. Y’know, bang on a keyboard and make money come out. I love being able to manage accounting, invoicing, products, and...

/ August 11, 2014
Why Create an Affiliate Program | AffiliateWP Review

Why Create an Affiliate Program for your eCommerce Store

There are tons of ways to increase conversions on your site. We’ve discussed the impacts of design, customer service, shipping methods, product reviews, and more. However, there’s one requirement in place for any of these pieces of advice to matter:...

/ April 9, 2014

6 Keys to Effective Customer Service

Customer service and communication are keys to increasing customer lifetime value, and eCommerce businesses are no exception to this guideline. Effective customer service makes the difference between one-time purchasers and customers, therefore increasing your return on the investment required to...

/ March 17, 2014
Sell with WP | Customer Relationship Management Plugins

3 Tools that Prevent a 56% Loss of Customers: WP Sent Mail & others

Managing customer relationships is one of the most important tasks for your store. Not only does your management of relationships affect customer lifetime value, but positive relationships build loyalty and and improve customer retention so you don’t lose customers to...

/ March 12, 2014