Easy Digital Downloads Review

Easy Digital Downloads 2.6 Review

A new version of Easy Digital Downloads was released on Friday, so today’s Easy Digital Downloads 2.6 Review will take a look at the major changes in version 2.6 for store owners. If you want some additional details on EDD...

/ June 27, 2016

How to Sell Digital Products using WordPress

Digital products are some of the most hassle-free items you can sell online. These don’t require any warehouse costs, inventory count, shipping fees, or ongoing overhead costs. These products cover a wide variety of things – images, videos, music, podcasts,...

/ April 18, 2016

Cost of Selling: Invest in your eCommerce Store

You have a great idea for an online business. You want a website up as soon as possible. You’ve heard of free website-builders through GoDaddy, Wix, etc. Or you know that WordPress is a free platform to build a website,...

/ April 4, 2016
mercantile store

Value Metrics for New Stores: Repeat Customers

Repeat customers are a key way to determine the sustainability of a business. That is why you will typically hear investors ask about the lifetime value of a customer from business owners. If a customer only purchases from your store...

/ February 22, 2016
Welcome New Customers

Welcome New Customers or Members to Your Store

The open rates for purchase receipt emails are 4 times higher than marketing emails because customers have invited the email via a direct action (a purchase) and expect to receive it. The expectation of an email makes it much more...

/ February 10, 2016

Getting Your Store’s Average Order Value

What’s the first metric that comes to mind when you measure your eCommerce store’s success? (Hey, don’t pick Average Order Value just because it’s in the title!) Most any time I ask a merchant this question, they talk about the...

/ January 27, 2016

January Free Plugin of the Month: EDD Sale Price

This is post 1 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) In this edition of Free Plugin of the Month, we will review the EDD Sale Price extension for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. The extension...

/ January 11, 2016
Easy Digital Downloads Review

Easy Digital Downloads 2.5 Review

Easy Digital Downloads version 2.5 will be released tomorrow, so we’ve got an overview of new features and changes for you. Since version 2.4 was released in July, some handy new admin tools have been added along with much easier-to-navigate...

/ January 6, 2016
Easy Digital Downloads sell bookings

Selling Bookings with Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a fantastic platform if you want to sell services with WordPress. As it focuses on virtual products, services are a natural fit, and it provides a solution that does just what you need without a lot...

/ December 16, 2015
Get More Product Reviews

4 Tips to Get More Product Reviews in Your Store

We’ve talked about how product reviews are important to your store’s success, so they’re definitely an area you can focus on to improve your customers’ shopping experience with your store. According to Power Reviews, 70% of shoppers are more likely...

/ November 4, 2015
EDD Members review

EDD Members Review: a Simple, Lightweight Membership Solution

One of the toughest things to do while building a plugin is to balance the ability to do something really well and be streamlined in meeting this aim with the need to be flexible enough to support several use cases....

/ October 7, 2015
Increase average order value easy digital downloads

Increase Average Order Value with Easy Digital Downloads

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “Average Order Value” (Click to expand) Have you read our 8 strategies to increase average order value yet? If not, this is definitely something I’d recommend reading before this article. While we’ve...

/ August 31, 2015