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Lifecycle emails

Using Lifecycle Emails as a Sales Opportunity

Sending lifecycle emails to your customers is a great way to increase engagement, as it helps to nurture regular communication with your customers. However, while lifecycle emails are a great way to help customers connect to your brand, they’re often...

/ May 24, 2017
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: Social Proof Email from Allen Edmonds

Social proof for your products can elevate your brand value and highlight the audience you’re targeting. In this email case study, we’ll take a look at the social proof email from Allen Edmonds around one of their products. We’ll take...

/ April 10, 2017
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: Gift Email Confirmation from Drizly

In this email case study, we take a look at the order confirmation email from Drizly, an online liquor store, when you purchase and send a gift to someone. Instead of the standard order confirmation, this email outlines information that...

/ March 13, 2017
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: Commonly Asked Questions from Turo

In a previous email case study, we took a look at the importance of educating customers about your products. However, if your product is new and you’re trying to gain trust in the market, preemptively answering commonly asked questions can...

/ February 20, 2017
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: WooCommerce Order Confirmation Email

In our first email case study of the year, we take a look at one of the transactional emails present in all eCommerce platforms. This is the WooCommerce order confirmation email from the WooCommerce store that outlines a purchase and...

/ January 9, 2017
WooCommerce Abandoned Cart App

Saving Lost Revenue with Jilt – Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce Abandoned Cart App

Many of us have probably been beaten over the head a bit with the famous statistic on cart abandonment from Baymard Institute: 68.81% of all shopping carts are abandoned, meaning over 2 out of every 3 customers who have placed...

/ November 21, 2016
Ask Sell with WP

Add Refund Requests for WooCommerce Customers

Time for a quick tutorial! Today’s Ask Sell with WP comes from Troy: I’d like to give my customers a way to ask for a refund on an order with WooComm. Is there a way to add a link to...

/ November 2, 2016
Email Marketing

Harnessing WordPress, WooCommerce, and Email Marketing to sell more products (& the best free tools to get started)

This is a guest post from Alex Denning. Alex is a WordPress freelancer, blogger, and marketer. Check out his weekly blog, or learn how to manage almost everything about your WordPress site at MasterWP. Effective email marketing is the one...

/ September 26, 2016
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: Order Confirmation Email from Bellroy

This month, we take a look at the order confirmation email and the accompanying shipping confirmation email from Bellroy, makers of leather wallets. The order confirmation email is one of the default emails in WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. In...

/ July 25, 2016

Show SKUs or Photos in WooCommerce Emails

Your WooCommerce order emails bridge the time between your customer leaving your store (after placing an order), and the customer receiving an order. As such, they’re an extension of the shopping experience for your customers, and provide the primary means...

/ July 20, 2016
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: Product Announcement Email by Allen Edmonds

In this month’s case study, we look at the new product announcement email from Allen Edmonds. We break down the email to see which parts work and what doesn’t work for the email. This email is image heavy, which is...

/ June 29, 2016
Segment member emails

Segment Member Emails with WooCommerce Memberships

This is post 4 of 4 in the series “Segment Member Emails” (Click to expand) Today we’re continuing our series on segmenting member emails with some tips for segmenting member emails with WooCommerce Memberships. Communication with your members is vital for...

/ June 6, 2016