WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro review

Saving Lost Sales with WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro

Many eCommerce store owners know that 7 of every 10 orders on your site will be abandoned by the customer without completing the purchase. This represents a loss in revenue over twice as large as what your store makes each...

/ September 23, 2015
Improve Customer Communication via Automated emails

Improve Customer Communication with Automated Emails

This is post 3 of 6 in the series “Improving Customer Service” (Click to expand) Customer service should never stop at “order completed” in your store. Picture this scenario: You have a great dinner out at a restaurant with good wine,...

/ July 8, 2015
Custom emails WooCommerce

How to Add Information to WooCommerce Emails

WooCommerce emails include each line item in an order by default within an “order items” table. This table is automatically included in almost every WooCommerce transactional email, and displays the product quantity, price, and total. However, this isn’t the only...

/ May 27, 2015
SendinBlue Email Aweber alternative ecommerce

SendinBlue Review: An AWeber Alternative for eCommerce

It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the most valuable marketing channels for your shop. Email conversion rates consistently outperform social media and search traffic. The reported ROI on email marketing is 43 cents for every dollar spent,...

/ March 2, 2015
Receiptful Review

Better Order Received Emails: Receiptful Review

You have a fantastic source of revenue that you may not be aware of sitting right in front of you. No really, it’s true. Your current customers are also your best customers, and should be a key area of focus...

/ December 10, 2014

Win 1 of 2 FREE Developer Licenses for KingSumo Giveaways!

We’re terrible people for shouting at you in the post title. We only did it because we’re pumped to bring you an awesome giveaway today for a plugin that does…well, it does giveaways! We’re partnering with KingSumo to give Developer...

/ July 15, 2014
Custom emails WooCommerce

Customizing WooCommerce Order Emails

You’ve lovingly setup your first WooCommerce shop: picked out that perfect theme (maybe one we recommend), polished your product page content to an irresistible shine, tested your frictionless checkout, and… received a nice enough but totally generic order email that...

/ May 12, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: March 21, 2014

I moved this week, but I think I can now empathize with the USPS – the mail must go through! Except in my case, it’s the weekly roundup. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments 🙂 Happy...

/ March 21, 2014
Sell with WP | Why Use Transactional Email Services for eCommerce

2 Biggest Reasons to Use a Transactional Email Service for your eCommerce Store

Every time a customer makes a purchase in your eCommerce store, they’re typically sent a few emails (with most eCommerce plugins). These include order confirmations, new account information, order status updates, and more. These type of emails are called transactional...

/ March 19, 2014
Sell with WP | Customer Relationship Management Plugins

3 Tools that Prevent a 56% Loss of Customers: WP Sent Mail & others

Managing customer relationships is one of the most important tasks for your store. Not only does your management of relationships affect customer lifetime value, but positive relationships build loyalty and and improve customer retention so you don’t lose customers to...

/ March 12, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: November 22, 2013

This weeks seemed to be a slower week except for some upgrades from EDD and iThemes’ Exchange – probably because our US friends (us included!) are preparing for Thanksgiving. Eating marathons do take extreme mental preparation :). Easy Digital Downloads...

/ November 22, 2013
email marketing

Email Marketing and WordPress

This is post 7 of 8 in the series “Launch an eCommerce Site” (Click to expand) So let’s say you’ve got your eCommerce store set up with solid foundations in hosting and a good platform, and now you want to determine...

/ November 14, 2013