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Users Insights Review

Getting a Detailed Look at Your Customers: Users Insights Review

As giant retailers like Amazon or established brands like Macy’s have grown to dominate eCommerce sales, small retailers can have a tough time determining how to carve out a unique selling proposition in the eCommerce arena. For many independent merchants,...

/ September 14, 2016

Using PAAY to Reduce Payment Fraud and Shift Liability

Payment fraud affects eCommerce stores at far greater rates than physical stores, and the rate of eCommerce fraud is currently increasing each year. eCommerce payment fraud also represents a decent chunk of online revenue: Out of every $100 in turnover,...

/ August 17, 2016
Drive eCommerce form conversions with AffiliateWP

Drive eCommerce Form Conversions with an Affiliate Network

If your site is focused on selling a very small selection of products, you may not need a full eCommerce solution to manage the sales of your product(s). In this case, you might have a landing page with an ordering...

/ September 28, 2015
Create Online Ordering System gravity forms

Using Gravity Forms as a Restaurant Online Ordering System

I get asked a lot about which eCommerce solution is the right fit for a project. Many times, a full eCommerce solution isn’t necessary to accept payments online. If you need a complex ordering form, and you don’t tools like...

/ July 15, 2015
Ultimate Member Review

Creating Member Directories: Ultimate Member Review

Most membership plugins focus entirely on restricting content to members: who can access the content, when, how much does access cost, and what to do if a member doesn’t have access. However, they don’t make it easy to build a...

/ April 16, 2015
Easy Digital Downloads Gravity Forms Checkout

Tutorial: Using Easy Digital Downloads Gravity Forms Checkout

Have you ever applied for a job that made you do a silly or trivial thing in the application? You may have been required to submit a document in a certain format, write a haiku, or submit something else with...

/ August 25, 2014
Gravity Forms for eCommerce

6 Steps to Use Gravity Forms for eCommerce

We’ve written tens of thousands of words on selecting an eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and we’ve also continued to update our reviews as new versions are released. However, there’s another option for WordPress eCommerce that we haven’t yet discussed, and...

/ August 6, 2014

WordPress Form Plugins: Gravity Forms vs Formidable Pro

This is post 3 of 5 in the series “Head to Head” This series pits plugins and services against one another in head-to-head comparisons. Selling Digital Products: Selz vs Easy Digital Downloads Easy Digital Downloads vs WP eStore WordPress Form...

/ June 18, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: February 7, 2014

Woohoo favorite day of the week: Weekly Roundup Day! Check out this week’s eCommerce news for WordPress: Easy Digital Downloads just released a Dropbox Sync Add-on, which allows you to sync PDF purchase receipts with your Dropbox account in real-time....

/ February 7, 2014
Gravity Forms: Ultimate WordPress Form Builder | Sell using WordPress

Gravity Forms: The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

If you ask which WordPress plugins are essential for any site, you’ll get some varied answers, but many recommendations center around Jetpack, WordPress SEO, and others. For many sites, I’d contend that a quality WordPress form builder is essential as...

/ January 27, 2014