Increase average order value WooCommerce

Increase Average Order Value with WooCommerce

This is post 2 of 5 in the series “Average Order Value” (Click to expand) On Monday we gave you 8 strategies to increase average order value in your eCommerce store. This lets you maximize revenue without increasing the traffic to...

/ August 26, 2015
Increasing Average Order Value WordPress eCommerce

8 Strategies to Increase Average Order Value

This is post 1 of 5 in the series “Average Order Value” (Click to expand) A lot of the focus on increasing revenue is directed towards either increasing your traffic to get more potential buyers, or towards increasing your conversion rate...

/ August 24, 2015
Best WooCommerce Marketing Plugin: AutomateWoo Review

Automated Marketing to Boost WooCommerce Sales: AutomateWoo Review

We’ve written tons about selecting an eCommerce plugin for your store, and have lots of tips on customizing or improving your WordPress eCommerce shop. However, one of the toughest things to do is market your products. Marketing requires a lot...

/ August 19, 2015
Market New Products

6 Strategies and Helpful Plugins to Market New Products

Launching new products in your store is always an exciting time, but the stress of wondering whether the product will be a success, will justify any costs in launching, or will solve your customers’ needs can be taxing. Fortunately, since...

/ June 24, 2015
Pricing Tables with WordPress

Create WordPress Pricing Tables within 6 Minutes

While many eCommerce shops have catalogs with hundreds, or even thousands, of products, there are lots of shops that provide a very limited product offering. There are also times where they have related products, from which customers will choose the...

/ March 30, 2015
SendinBlue Email Aweber alternative ecommerce

SendinBlue Review: An AWeber Alternative for eCommerce

It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the most valuable marketing channels for your shop. Email conversion rates consistently outperform social media and search traffic. The reported ROI on email marketing is 43 cents for every dollar spent,...

/ March 2, 2015
Pay Affiliates Recurring Commissions

Pay Affiliates Recurring Commissions with AffiliateWP

My favorite plugin for creating an eCommerce affiliate program is AffiliateWP. It’s easy to use, dependable, and has several add-ons to let you extend what it can do for your store. It’s also developer-friendly in case their are further changes...

/ January 19, 2015
Receiptful Review

Better Order Received Emails: Receiptful Review

You have a fantastic source of revenue that you may not be aware of sitting right in front of you. No really, it’s true. Your current customers are also your best customers, and should be a key area of focus...

/ December 10, 2014
Use affiliate marketing for your store

6 Tips to Use Affiliate Marketing for Your Store

Creating your product line and setting up your eCommerce store is hard work. Like, really hard work. We even have an article series devoted to launching your store that goes through the important steps to take. Not only will you...

/ October 20, 2014
eCommerce content marketing

5 tips for eCommerce Content Marketing

If you’ve never created an eCommerce store, you may think that getting the store up and running is the hardest part of launching an eCommerce business. However, in my experience, that’s almost always the easiest part of running an eCommerce...

/ September 24, 2014
Social eCommerce WordPress

6 Steps to Better Social eCommerce with WordPress

You may already be using social media marketing, such as Twitter or Facebook ad campaigns, to drive traffic to your eCommerce store. However, if you stop there, you’re only using part of the effectiveness of social media. Social media should...

/ August 18, 2014

Win 1 of 2 FREE Developer Licenses for KingSumo Giveaways!

We’re terrible people for shouting at you in the post title. We only did it because we’re pumped to bring you an awesome giveaway today for a plugin that does…well, it does giveaways! We’re partnering with KingSumo to give Developer...

/ July 15, 2014