How to charge WooCommerce shipping by item

I’ve seen some variation of this question multiple times from both new and experienced WooCommerce shop owners: Can I charge shipping based on the number of items in the cart instead of just a flat fee? Definitely doable. ? The...

/ July 3, 2018
Sell with WP Email Case Study

Email Case Study: Shipping Confirmation Email from Fitbit

In this case study, we’ll take a look at the shipping confirmation email (also known as the order completion email) from Fitbit to see what works well, what you can improve in your emails, and what got our attention the...

/ August 16, 2017
shipping box

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

WooCommerce gives merchants basic set up options for shipping rates so that merchants can get going with some flat rates offered to customers without the need for further customization. WooCommerce 2.6 added even more to the basic shipping options, ensuring...

/ February 13, 2017
Ask Sell with WP

Show Only WooCommerce Free Shipping When Available

We’ve got an Ask Sell with WP question today about WooCommerce free shipping from Andrea: Can I hide the other shipping options when there are free shipping choices? I tried the snippet in the WooCommerce doc page but I think...

/ September 22, 2016
Ask Sell with WP

How to Change the WooCommerce Free Shipping Label

Today’s Ask Sell with WP question comes from our comments section! Carla asks: I’m flummoxed as to how to use the shipping zones to reflect that SOME of my products have free shipping…I’ve set up a shipping class that doesn’t...

/ August 24, 2016

June Free Plugin of the Month: WooCommerce Shipping Estimates

This is post 6 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) WooCommerce 2.6 included big changes to the shipping settings. WooCommerce now has shipping zones instead of just shipping methods. You can learn more in this...

/ June 22, 2016
WooCommerce shipping zones

Beginners’ Guide to WooCommerce Shipping Zones

WooCommerce 2.6 introduced shipping zones into the core platform, providing more shipping options for merchants directly within WooCommerce. Rather than being limited to “Flat rate” and “International Flat Rate” in terms of core shipping methods, merchants can now set up...

/ June 20, 2016

February Free Plugin of the Month – WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Validation

This is post 2 of 12 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2016” (Click to expand) There are a number of customization options for shipping in WooCommerce, from selecting vendors to creating different shipping methods. One of these options is the...

/ February 8, 2016
WooCommerce order Delivery date pro

WooCommerce Order Delivery Date Pro: Capture Dates for Any Order

WooCommerce comes with 5 core shipping methods to cover several basic scenarios: Flat Rate so you can set per order or per item shipping International Flat Rate if you want to sell to other countries and restrict flat rate to...

/ September 30, 2015
Easy Digital Downloads Simple Shipping

EDD for Physical Products: Easy Digital Downloads Simple Shipping

Easy Digital Downloads has tons of benefits for eCommerce sites that sell services or other virtual products and services: the core plugin is free it’s designed for virtual products, so it’s lightweight without being light on features there are lots...

/ July 29, 2015
Restrict payment and shipping methods in woocommerce

Restrict Payment or Shipping Methods in WooCommerce

I get asked this question a lot, and it’s an excellent question: Can I only offer certain payment or shipping methods to certain customers in my WooCommerce store? This question typically arises for shops that have members or wholesale customers,...

/ March 23, 2015
WooCommerce shipping classes

How to Use WooCommerce Shipping Classes

WooCommerce includes several core shipping methods, but you may need to extend your general shipping rules with the ability to add additional costs. If simple flat rate shipping won’t work for you, you should consider using the WooCommerce shipping classes....

/ December 22, 2014