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3 Design Tweaks to Help Your WooCommerce Store Gain a Competitive Advantage

This is a guest post from Cody Landefeld, founder at Mode Effect and senior web strategist. In 2010, Cody and his wife Raquel founded Mode Effect after creating WordPress sites for clients over the past 8 years. They’ve since found...

/ March 22, 2017

3 Ways Help Scout Improves Your Customer Service

This is post 1 of 5 in the series “Improving Customer Service” This series covers helpful plugins and integrations for WordPress to improve your eCommerce store’s customer service. 3 Ways Help Scout Improves Your Customer Service Improving Customer Service with...

/ March 4, 2015
eCommerce Insurance policies

3 Essential Insurance Policies for eCommerce Sites

Using a quality managed WordPress hosting provider goes a long way towards keeping your site in top shape. For example, most managed hosting companies will provide: automated daily backups of your site staging sites or development areas for testing great...

/ February 16, 2015
learn about ecommerce

11 Sites to Learn More About eCommerce

I got an interesting question this weekend that I thought would make a great post to share today. I was asked which sites I find useful for learning more about eCommerce, and I have a list of several that I...

/ January 12, 2015
Add custom sales status to WP eCommerce

How to add a custom sales status to WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce includes several core sales statuses that can be used to manage the orders in your shop. Incomplete sale: customer added items to the cart but didn’t finish the purchase Order received: order created but awaiting payment (i.e., a...

/ January 5, 2015
Why A/B Test WordPress eCommerce sites

Why You Should A/B Test Your WordPress eCommerce Site

While the term “A/B testing” has become popular in the last couple of years, the discipline as a whole remains largely underutilized. If you manage an eCommerce store you understand the importance of optimizing your conversion rate, and A/B testing...

/ December 17, 2014

Do you want premium plugins or themes for free?

Okay, so I almost feel guilty about the clickbait title. Almost. But not really; I think that today’s post is something that many store owners should be aware of, so I’m trying to use the clickbait powers for good. Anyway,...

/ November 25, 2014
SiteGround vs Media Temple vs DreamPress

eCommerce Hosting: SiteGround vs Media Temple vs DreamPress

This is post 4 of 5 in the series “Head to Head” This series pits plugins and services against one another in head-to-head comparisons. Selling Digital Products: Selz vs Easy Digital Downloads Easy Digital Downloads vs WP eStore WordPress Form...

/ July 28, 2014
Get Help with Your eCommerce Site | SellwithWP

Getting Help with Your eCommerce Site

You’re a store administrator or a business owner. You know how to use WordPress – you’re most likely considered a power user. You may have tested a few eCommerce platforms (or you’ve just read our reviews 😉 ), and your...

/ May 14, 2014
Ask Sell with WP | sellwithwp

Ask Sell with WP: What do you recommend?

We have several readers that ask us, what eCommerce plugin would you recommend if…? or which membership plugin should I use if…?. Many times, the answer is, “It depends.” Your needs, the size of your site in terms of traffic...

/ May 8, 2014
WordPress Social Sharing Optimization WPSSO Plugin Review

Optimized Social Media: WPSSO Plugin Review

Why Social Media? We’ve got a WPSSO plugin review (WordPress Social Sharing Optimization) lined up for you today, which is a really nifty social sharing tool. However, before we go into some detail about the plugin and what it does,...

/ April 21, 2014

How Your Site Design Could Improve Sales

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Chris Palmer. Chris is the founder of Angle of Attack, which is a successful membership site that specializes in Flight Simulator Training and teaching to real world standards. He also writes at...

/ March 10, 2014