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Increase average order value wp ecommerce

Increase Average Order Value with WP eCommerce

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “Average Order Value” (Click to expand) Increasing your site’s traffic can be expensive — you may have to invest in advertising, partnerships, or content marketing. Likewise, optimizing your current traffic to improve...

/ September 2, 2015
WordPress eCommerce Plugin Usage

WordPress eCommerce Plugin Statistics Revisited

About 6 months ago, we published a comparison of eCommerce plugin usage based on statistics from BuiltWith.com. About a month after that, WordPress.org implemented their own active install tracking for free plugins hosted on WordPress.org, which gave even more insight...

/ June 15, 2015
wordpress ecommerce plugin statistics

By the Numbers: WordPress eCommerce Plugin Statistics

Take an already analytical person, add a degree in Chemistry, plus a career as a Division I softball player, and you get someone that really loves math, tracking data, and statistical analysis (ballplayers love stats — also, this is me)....

/ January 26, 2015
Add custom sales status to WP eCommerce

How to add a custom sales status to WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce includes several core sales statuses that can be used to manage the orders in your shop. Incomplete sale: customer added items to the cart but didn’t finish the purchase Order received: order created but awaiting payment (i.e., a...

/ January 5, 2015
WP eCommerce 3.9 Review

WP eCommerce 3.9 Review

WP eCommerce is one of the most mature eCommerce solutions for WordPress, but its growth and core development have slowed in the past couple of years. New users sometimes had difficulty finding the extensions or themes they needed to create...

/ December 8, 2014
set eCommerce shipping rates

4 Ways to Set eCommerce shipping methods with WordPress plugins

We’ve previously given you some tips for setting eCommerce shipping methods, but today we’ll take some of them a step further. Here are some examples of how to create eCommerce shipping methods based on your WordPress eCommerce plugin. Since 56%...

/ November 5, 2014
WP eCommerce 3.9 GetShopped changes

WPeC 3.9 Release Will Prompt Big Changes at Instinct / GetShopped

For years, the WP eCommerce plugin was the only native choice for eCommerce using WordPress, and is still one of the leading choices for WordPress eCommerce with almost 70,000 users. After 8 years of development, the plugin is one of...

/ May 19, 2014
Free WP eCommerce Add-ons

6 Handy Free WP eCommerce Add-ons

This is post 1 of 7 in the series “Free eCommerce Add-ons 2014-15” (Click to expand) WP eCommerce is still one of the leading WordPress eCommerce plugins around, even after 8 years of development. With almost 70,000 active installs, there are...

/ April 30, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: April 4, 2014

We’re starting this week’s roundup with a public service announcement of sorts: I’d really like for you to read this post about open source projects from Ipstenu (AKA Mika, who is a WordPress.org wizard). It’s a great reminder that the...

/ April 4, 2014

Growing WordPress eCommerce: Interview with Justin Sainton

Editor’s Note: This post was written based on an interview with Justin Sainton. Justin is the founder of Zao, a WordPress Agency, and Lead Developer of the WP eCommerce Plugin, which was the first eCommerce solution for WordPress. He’s also...

/ March 5, 2014
Sell with WordPress | Review of Membership Sites using WordPress

Wrap-up: Membership Sites with eCommerce Plugins

This is post 5 of 8 in the series “Membership Sites” (Click to expand) Integrating Membership Sites with eCommerce Plugins We’ve recently written several articles on creating membership sites using WordPress eCommerce platforms that we’d like to summarize and compare side-by-side...

/ December 23, 2013
Sell with WordPress | Membership Site Using WPeC

Creating a WP eCommerce Membership Site

This is post 4 of 8 in the series “Membership Sites” (Click to expand) Overview WP eCommerce is one of the most mature eCommerce plugins for WordPress, and as a result, has a lot of options and configurations possible for different...

/ December 9, 2013