This is a guest post from Tavleen Kaur. Tavleen is the co-founder and conversion strategist at XLPlugins. She shares simple and practical ways to increase WooCommerce store sales. Check out her free checklist for increasing your sales in 2018.

8 Powerful & Practical Ways To Catapult Sales During the Holiday Season

The promotion season creates a buying frenzy among shoppers. Be it the Black Friday sales or Christmas Holidays or even Mother’s day for that matter — they want to jump the queue and grab the best possible deals.

This buying frenzy also gets reflected in online stores’ revenues during the last quarter. It’s not just the sales that go up, but also the average order value that shoots through the roof. But you can only take part in this hype if you take timely action.

So the question is: How can you turn frenzy into sales without offering back-breaking discounts?

The answer: Get creative with your deals and prep your store well for the season.

In this article, I will give you a primer on turning your store into a conversion machine during holidays.

1. Create Attractive Deals To Bring New Visitors to the Site

Setting up attractive deals is a great strategy to welcome new visitors to your site. Well-thought deals and discounts can draw in first-time buyers in droves.

Also, there may be people who’ve been visiting your store but have been on the fence about buying from you — a good offer can delight them into buying, so use festive sale as an opportunity to attract first-time buyers and on-the-fence prospects.

Take a look at this special deal by Think Geek:

ThinkGeek Offer

They don’t take the conventional approach to discounting: they’ve created a sense of curiosity with the deals. 4 new deals are added each day at 8 AM for twelve days straight.  

ThinkGeek wants people to circle back and check in on the new deal launches. This offer builds the hype and adds to the buying frenzy.

Offering a free gift is another genius way of enticing shoppers into buying. Here’s a brilliant example from

Moosejaw offer

Make sure that the gift item is useful, desirable and encourages visitors to make a purchase. Moosejaw offers a free hoodie with their logo printed on it. In addition, they promise fast and free shipping during the holidays.

Thoughtful offers like these are perfect sales magnets.

2. Increase the Average Order Spend With “Buy More Save More” Offer

Holiday season is the perfect time to encourage shoppers to spend more in your store because they’re already in the mood to shop. Buy-more-save-more offers can help achieve the objective.

Take a look at this brilliant offer from Brooklinen:

Brooklinen offer

The discount amount goes up as the amount spent increases. You could set up something similar with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing, and we’re working on a plugin at XLPlugins now to make this even easier 🙂

WooCommerce Dynamic pricing offer

The discounts are based on the cart total and the slabs are created to encourage shoppers to spend more. This offer is not only lucrative for the store owner but also makes shoppers feel ecstatic about unlocking savings!

Nudge your buyers gently up the value ladder with thoughtful offers like these.

3. Highlight The Super Saver Deal / Today’s Special to Make Choice Easy

Making a choice is hard.

Professor of Business at the Columbia University, Sheena Iyengar conducted a study on human behavior.

In a gourmet market in California, her team of researchers set up a booth of samples of Wilkin & Sons Jams. They first offered a selection of 24 jams to a group and then switched to six.

Shoppers in the store came to the booth and sampled the jam. They were all given a $1 coupon discount to buy.

The researchers found that 60% more people were attracted to the larger collection of jams (24 jams) than the smaller one.

But here’s the interesting part: A good 30% of people who sampled from the small assortment of six jams bought it.On the other hand, a small 3% of those who sampled from the large assortment made a purchase.

Professor Sheena Iyenger found through her study that too many choices can be debilitating.

Different researchers have concluded through different studies that choice overload is real. Reducing the complexity of choice and narrowing down options can boost your revenue.

Take a look how QVC spotlights the special deal of the day on the home page:

QVC offer

The “Shop Now” button takes the user straight away to the product page without any distractions. The offer is clear and succinct and the idea is to reduce choice overload. Plus, they tap into the urgency factor by setting a definitive deadline to the deal, highlighted by the ticking countdown timer.

Such deals can trigger impulse buying.

You can set up deals of the day, flash sales, seasonal offers, along with countdown timers using WooCommerce extension, Finale Sales Countdown Timer & Discounts Plugin.

Here’s how a Today’s Special will look in WooCommerce store:

Finale Countdown

4. Create Gift Cards to Make Holiday Gift Shopping Anxiety-Free

Gift cards have multiple benefits. They not only bring more business to the store, but also greatly help the gift-giver. It’s so much easier to visit a store of choice and buy a gift certificate than hunt for the right gifts. It also saves the gift-giver from the anxiety of buying a gift that the recipient may not like. The best part is that the recipient gets introduced to the store and can revisit another time.

Another great thing is that gift cards can increase your average order value. There’s often a case where the order total exceeds the gift card amount.

And one needs to spend from their pocket to get what they like.

Beka wrote a case study here about Lobster Anywhere. The CEO reported that gift certificates have a 40% contribution to the store’s revenue.

This number by no means is small or ignorable. They also said that 60% of their customers made a purchase for an amount that exceeded the gift card dollar value.

Adding gift certificates to your WooCommerce store can be a profitable business decision with their uptakes increasing during the holiday season.

5. Send Priming Emails to Turn Dormant Subscribers into Buyers

A subtle nudge is a powerful way to bring people back on your site. Think of holiday season as a time to engage dormant subscribers and lead them to the sale: send them conversational emails offering to help them with making the right choice.

Zappos hits the nail on its head with this priming email:

Zappos offer

Zappos lets their subscribers know that in the coming week, they will be hearing from the company about holiday gifting. The subscribers will be receiving three emails in the week to get guidance on holiday shopping. Such emails are helpful and appreciated by the recipients.

Take a look at this another brilliant email by offer

Again, it’s helpful with a clear and compelling call to action. The top section of the email communicates the most important information first. It starts off with a question and follows by specific instructions about what one needs to do to get just in time delivery.

This sort of an email is ideal for last-minute holiday shoppers (which most of us are!). Thanks to the innumerable distractions, we do tend to put off important decisions like these to the very last minute.

So get your shoppers started on the gift-selection journey by sending them well-crafted priming emails.

6. Set Up Attention-Grabbing Retargeting Ads on Facebook

Retargeting on Facebook is a fairly cheap option as of today. And if you still haven’t started knocking on your prospects’ doors with retargeting ads, don’t be surprised if I tell you that you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table.

Take a look at some of these eye-opening facts:

  • Visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% times more likely to convert.
  • The average click-through rate for retargeted ads is 10 times higher than normal display ads.
  • Retargeting can lead to a 147% higher conversion rate.

Facebook allows you to create custom audience and you can pick website visitors as an option.

Step #1: Select Audiences from the drop down:

Facebook retargeting setup: step 1

Step #2: Select the website traffic option:

Facebook retargeting setup: step 2

Make sure you have embedded the pixel in your store before you do this.

Take a look at this insanely persuasive retargeting ad by Brooklinen:

Brooklinen retargeting ad

It starts off with a quote from a credible source, followed by a scroll-stopping GIF, and a call to action.

Now mind you, images are 75%-90% responsible for an ad’s performance. Brooklinen has clearly put a lot of time on getting the image right. It’s not just an image of the product but the customer “unboxing it”, which is more sticky and persuasive.

The messaging is clear, compelling and to the point.

7. Create Thoughtful Holiday Gift Guides & Segment Items Based on Price

During the holiday season, shoppers would love to use some help for selecting gifts.

It can be rather debilitating to pick up gifts because people generally don’t tell what they would like to get. One is often left playing the popular guess game.

You can create gift guides for them listing gift items at different price points to help shoppers.

This is a brilliant example from the Macy’s online store:

Macy's Gift Guide

One can click on their budget and exclusively browse the items that fall in the chosen price range. Here’s how the page appears when you click on one of the above price points:

Macy's Gift Guide example

You, too, can create gifts guides based on your audience demographics: “Gifts for her”, “Gifts for him” will also help you direct visitors to the pages more relevant to them.

The key here is to understand the audience demographics well and create gift guides accordingly.

8. Craft Compelling Poke & Prod Emails to Rescue Abandoned Carts

According to Barilliance, the average cart abandonment rate on Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2014 was 65%.

During holidays, several stores run promotions and shoppers have too many options. This means you’ll have to work hard to keep your cart abandonment rates low, and even harder to rescue those pesky abandoned carts.

One of the effective ways to do that is to have well-crafted cart abandonment emails in place.

You can use this compelling email by Brooklinen as your inspiration:

Brooklinen recovery email

  • It starts off by telling the users that it’s their biggest sale of the year and the items are flying off the shelf.
  • It further triggers urgency by informing them that their cart is reserved for two hours.
  • The bottom section of the email is used to highlight the ongoing campaigns in the store.

Cart abandonment emails can be even more persuasive during the promotional season so make sure you have them in place.   

You can set up cart abandonment emails in your WooCommerce store using Jilt. Explore the best practices to set them up & start recovering the lost revenue.


Those were some quick ideas to crush holidays this season. Have you got more that I haven’t added to the list?
Something that may be I glazed over? May be something that you have tried during promotions and would like to share?

Do let me in the comments below 🙂

Happy Holiday Sales to you!

Posted by Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen Kaur is the co-founder and conversion strategist at XLPlugins. She shares simple and practical ways to increase WooCommerce store sales. Check out her free checklist for increasing your sales in 2018.

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