Easy Digital Downloads is an excellent selling tool for digital goods shops, and we’ve written about it extensively. The core plugin is free and is monetizes via paid add-ons, but there are lots of great free extensions available, too.

We’ve already covered 15 of the best free Easy Digital Downloads add-ons, and we’re continuing the list with 9 more here.

Free Easy Digital Downloads Add-ons

1. Purchase Rewards

EDD Purchase Rewards allows you to give discount codes out to customers when they’ve completed a purchase to encourage repeat purchases and customer loyalty. You can set a minimum spend amount needed to provide the coupon, and it can be a code you’ve already created, or a unique, one-time use code can be generated specifically for the customer.

You can also require that a customer share their purchase via a social network in order to get the discount code for your store.

Easy Digital Downloads Purchase Rewards

Share for discount

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2. Terms per Product

Easy Digital Downloads free add-ons Terms per product

The Terms per Product plugin adds a meta box to product pages that will allow you to create customized terms for a product as needed. If you’re selling different kinds of digital goods, this may be necessary as you probably can’t use a generic terms and conditions. This allows you to address different licensing and use-cases when selling your digital goods or services.

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3. Attach Accounts to Orders

EDD Attach to Orders

The Attach Accounts to Orders plugin allows you to attach guest purchases to a customer account, or choose to create an account for the customer. This is helpful if you’ve allowed guest purchasing in the past, but no longer allow it, or an account is required to access parts of the site, such as a membership or customers-only area.

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4. Favorites

Favorites integrates with EDD Wishlists, so it’s not a standalone plugin. While Wishlists requires a customers to select a list to which they can add a product, Favorites is meant to make this process a bit more streamlined. Rather than using Wishlists to create different lists, favorites can be used for a one-click list addition. It’s sort of like allowing your customers to bookmark their favorite products.

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5. EDD VAT Calculator

If you use Easy Digital Downloads and Stripe as your payment processor, this extension can help you calculate and invoice the appropriate VAT. This is helpful for any retailer selling digital goods to the EU. You simply sign up for a Quaderno.io account, and Quaderno will automatically create and send invoices for Stripe payments to help you be compliant with these regulations.

There’s also a Taxamo integration coming via the add-on store as well that could be used instead.

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6. EDD Prevent EU Checkout

free Easy Digital Download add-ons prevent EU Checkout

If you’d prefer not to worry about these regulations, you can prevent customers from the EU from checking out within your store, and require them to confirm that they’re not purchasing from the EU so you don’t have to worry about charging the appropriate VAT.

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7. Add to Cart Redirect

Easy Digital Downloads free add-ons add to cart redirects

Easy Digital Downloads allows you to determine whether or not customers should be directed to checkout after adding an item to the cart, but this setting is global (for the entire store). The EDD Add to Cart Redirect plugin allows you to set custom redirect links on a per-product basis. This means that you can direct customers to an upsell page tailored for a particular product, or send customers to a post, page, or product of your choosing.

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8. List File Names

This plugin creates a shortcode that will list all files associated with a download (names, not links). This can be an easy way to show customers what’s included within products that have more than one file. You can also include a download ID to display the files for a download on another page. This can be helpful if you’re writing a post about a new product and want to provide details on what’s included, as you can include the download ID in the shortcode to list its files.

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9. Easy E-Commerce Reviews Lite

Easy E-commerce Reviews

Easy E-Commerce Reviews Lite adds the ability to rate products to your store. You can allow 5-star ratings and reviews for all downloads in your store and manage these reviews from the WordPress comments section.

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