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One of the best things about using WordPress eCommerce plugins is the ability to extend their functionality via add-on plugins so that you can create an ideal solution for your online store. Jigoshop is no exception to this – there are lots of free and premium extensions for Jigoshop that can help you tailor functionality to suit your store’s needs.

Here are 9 useful free Jigoshop extensions that you should test out in your Jigoshop store:

1. Jigoshop Product Add-ons

Free Jigoshop Extensions | Product Add-ons

This plugin is awesome. Seriously, this is a super-handy extension for Jigoshop, and it’s a huge bonus that it’s free. Using Product Add-ons, you can create text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, file uploads, etc., to customize your products that can optionally add costs to your items. When the option is selected, the cost is automatically added to the item cost in the cart and at checkout, and options are added to the checkout and order for reference. The only way this could get better is if you could make some add-ons required, but you can note this in the product description / excerpt if needed.

Free Jigoshop Extensions | Adding Product Options
Free Jigoshop Extensions | Selecting add-ons

Download this extension


2. Jigoshop CSV Importer

Free Jigoshop Extensions | CSV Product importer

The Jigoshop CSV Importer will allow you to import all product types into your Jigoshop store. This is really handy if you’ve been selling with a different platform, as you can download a CSV of your products from that platform, ensure that your formatting is correct, then upload them directly to your Jigoshop store. You can import:

  • images via URL or a local file path, as well as thumbnails
  • categories and tags
  • product descriptions
  • price and SKU

Download this extension


3. WP Menu Cart

Free Jigoshop Extensions | WP menu cart

This is a simple but cool extension. WP Menu Cart adds a cart widget to your navigation menu. You can enable the menu cart under “Settings > Menu Cart” and determine in which navigation menu the cart should be displayed. You can display the number of items, price, or both, and enable a few other settings. There’s also a pro version that allows you to upgrade for some extra features if you like having this cart widget displayed.

Download this extension


4. WP Cart Mailcheck

Free Jigoshop Extensions | WP Mailcheck

WP Cart Mailcheck helps cut down on errors with email entry. The plugin allows you to check email addresses for proper structure and suggests changes to customers to ensure that email addresses are entered correctly. This is especially important if you’re selling downloadable products and customers will need to receive an email for download links or license keys.

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5. Jigoshop Store Exporter

Free Jigoshop extensions | Store exporter

This plugin allows you to export products, categories, and tags to CSV very easily. You can export all products and select which fields should be included in the CSV, or export products by category, status, or type (including variations). There are handy settings for changing character encoding and file names, and you can view archives of all exports.

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6. Jigoshop Video Product Tab

Free Jigoshop extensions | product video tab

This is a really simply plugin that lets you add more detail to your product pages. When enabled, a tab for videos is automatically added to the “Edit Product” screen. You can embed your sales or informational videos here, and they’ll be displayed in a new tab on the product page.

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7. Shipworks Connector

Free Jigoshop Extensions | Shipworks connector

The ShipWorks Connector integrates your eCommerce site powered by Jigoshop with ShipWorks for order fulfillment. ShipWorks includes support for viewing rates, transit times, and printing live shipping labels. The integration plugin downloads your orders and makes it easy to create shipping labels, manage customers and emails, and update the online status of each order using ShipWorks as your external shipper.

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8. Jigoshop Basic Weight Shipping

Free Jigoshop extensions | basic weight shipping

The core Jigoshop plugin includes support for flat rate and free shipping, but nothing for weight-based shipping. This plugin adds a weight-based shipping method so that you can ship orders based on the weight of the included products. As most shipping rates are dependent on weight, this can be really helpful if you sell items with a huge variance in size, or can protect you from losing money on shipping for large orders. You set a maximum weight for each tier (there are five tiers possible), and add a cost for each weight tier.

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9. Jigoshop Basic Bundle Shipping

Free Jigoshop Extensions | basic bundle shipping

This plugin gives you a bit more control over your order shipping methods. Rather than accepting a single flat-rate for shipping, you can set a minimum and maximum shipping rate. This will then increment based on the number of products in the cart. For example, you can charge $3.00 for shipping for the first product. You can then charge $1.00 more for each additional product in the order. You can also optionally cap the number of products to charge for.

For example, if I cap the charged products at 3, then I’ll charge $3.00 for the first product, plus $1.00 each for the next two products. This brings the maximum shipping cost per order to $5.00. If you use this shipping method, you’ll want to disable flat rate shipping.

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Have your own free Jigoshop extensions, or have you found any particularly useful? We’d love to hear about them!

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  1. I used many extension all are awesome.Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Jigoshop Shipping extensions are all really bad. All of them.
    They are good if you trade within one country.
    As an example Shipping within UK costs £1 for a letter then EU costs £3.
    What is Flat rate for if I want to sell different size and weight (3 grams to 100 Kilograms) and worldwide ? Hey come on, nothing is awesome ! Shipping doesnt work here at all..

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