Congrats to the WPeC team on their new website and brand launch! They’re also very close to hitting 3 million downloads. 🙂

  • WP eCommerce has released version 3.9 beta 1 this week. Along with this version comes entirely new branding for the WP eCommerce plugin, as well as improvements to the WP eCommerce ecosystem. The new plugin store will now allow you to centralize your API keys for updates and support all in the same place.

  • Easy Digital Downloads has just released version 2.2 beta 1 this week as well.

  • WP Engine launched some news on their new Project Mercury for enterprise hosting. The little nugget slipped into that post is that you can now request PHP 5.5 for your site to upgrade.

  • WP Engine is also running a promotion at the moment – you can get 4 months free when signing up for any annual plan using the code CyberHosting14 (Expires Dec 2).

  • The WooCommerce iOS app was updated to version 1.1, which adds useful tools like the ability to update order statuses.

  • Here’s a tutorial from SkyVerge on How to Output the WooCommerce SKU for a product.

  • Heads up to WooCommerce site owners: check out your theme. If it overrides a bunch of templates (go to WooCommerce > System Status), or you have some custom code to do this, badger whoever did it to update. WooCommerce 2.3 will make some frontend changes that shouldn’t affect themes that add CSS properly, but there are many that don’t. 🙂

  • Need a new WooCommerce theme that can withstand these updates? You’re in luck – WooThemes released a new free WooCommerce theme developed by the WooCommerce core team. We’ll have more about it on Monday.

  • And here’s a free WooCommerce add-on from Andrew Benbow that will let you disable free shipping for a particular product, or just disable free shipping for that product when being sent to certain states (like Alaska or Hawaii).

  • Chris Lema answers What does a membership plugin do? in a recent post.

  • Want to learn more about WooCommerce or just eCommerce in general? Here’s a great list of courses and resources from Prospress.

  • Gravity Wiz shows you how to disable browser autocompletes in a recent tutorial.

  • Groove has some great advice for your customer service team: How to Fire a Bad Customer. While you hope that you never have to do this, there’s some great advice for handling challenging customers.

  • Attention developers: iThemes has partnered with Envato to run Exchange add-on contests worth up to $7000 in prize money.

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Posted by Beka Rice

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