I’m a fan of the new version of Receiptful that was released this week. You can now drag and drop email components in your template, as well as edit text that was previously static, providing far more control over your receipt email templates. If you haven’t looked into Receiptful yet, it’s a great free tool for WooCommerce and EDD, with an Exchange integration on the way.

  • There were several new WooCommerce extensions released this week in the WooThemes marketplace, including:
    • WooCommerce PickingPal: Creates a picking system to verify order accuracy; scan the order invoice and each item as it’s packed to ensure the order is correct.
    • Conditional Shipping and Payments: Lets shop owners set conditional rules for when payment gateways and shipping methods are available based on order value, products included, or other conditions.
    • Store Catalog PDF Download: Allows you to create a PDF of your catalog that can be printed, or customers can print PDFs of individual product pages.
  • Here’s a handy little free plugin from Pippin Williamson that will let you automatically send EDD coupons to users when they sign up for an email list through OptinMonster.
  • Andrew Munro wrote a great tutorial on the AffiliateWP blog on importing affiliates to MailChimp and creating a merge tag for affiliate IDs (very useful for creating pre-made links so affiliates can share your new products).
  • Here’s a solid introduction to upsells and cross-sells in WooCommerce from BobWP.
  • Cart abandonment is always a huge issue for eCommerce stores, and represents lost revenue that many stores try to save. Prospress has an overview of cart abandonment causes, as well as some WooCommerce extensions that can help to mitigate them.
  • Receiptful put together a comprehensive list of resources that will help any eCommerce store you should check out.
  • Do you have a staging site set up yet? Sean Davis explains why staging sites are crucial for eCommerce sites on the Easy Digital Downloads blog.
  • Syed Balkhi has a list of 9 ways you can leverage social proof, many of which are great advice for any store.
  • HubSpot wrote about 7 ways you can segment customers to improve customer loyalty.
  • I also like this infographic from HubSpot on consumer psychology that covers the effects of product reviews, design, videos, and other factors on purchasing decisions.

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