Restrict Content Pro was upgraded to 2.1 this week, and features tons of improvements. Stripe, PayPal Pro, and PayPal Express are now included with RCP, and Braintree is free; payment gateway integrations as a whole are improved with a new payment gateway API. There are lots of other improvements, such as better settings and member management, included as well. Highly recommend checking it out!

  • Chris Lema launched a new course this week that can help you membership site DIYers: Membership Huddle.

  • AffiliateWP now offers a Ninja Forms integration to let you create customizable affiliate registration forms.

  • Here’s a new AffiliateWP tutorial on changing the default URLs shown in the affiliate dashboard.

  • WP eCommerce released a [Wishlist add-on](Wishlists for WP eCommerce) this week that lets customers add products or variations to their wishlists and manage them from their customer accounts.

  • WooThemes has some tips on ensuring your site is mobile friendly in response to Google’s newest update, along with tips on what you can do if it isn’t.

  • WooThemes also posted a great overview of getting started with Google Analytics, some important metrics to start tracking, and what to do with the data you collect.

  • Bootstrapping eCommerce has a guide to setting up a PPC campaign that can be helpful if you’re new to Google advertising.

  • Shopify has tips for gaining traction with a new store.

  • KISSmetrics shows us this week by customers who don’t convert are important and how brand fans are immeasurably valuable for your store. They’ve included some tips on building relationships with brand fans as well.

  • KISSmetrics also posted a huge guide on eCommerce upselling that shows you the efficacy of upselling, why you should be using it, how to create upsells, helpful tools, and how to ensure they’re effective.

  • Ever wanted to create a social menu so customers can easily find and engage you? Here’s how to create a social icon menu from WooThemes.

  • And chalk up another tutorial from WooThemes this week: how to create complex bookings that use occupancy and type rates (such as cabins on a cruise).

  • Prospress shows you some WooCommerce stores that can help you with your Mother’s day shopping.

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