Happy Canada day, and (soon to be) Happy 4th of July for US friends!

New or Updated Plugins & Themes

  • WooCommerce Authorize.net AIM has been updated to add improvements for the emulation gateway and enhanced checkout form support for both credit cards and eChecks.

  • Restrict Content Pro now has version 2.6 in beta testing, which will include an improved restriction meta box, comment restriction, and other improvements.

Tutorials & Reviews

Marketing & Conversions

  • Kissmetrics has some interesting insights into how barriers may improve retention by helping you educate customers before worrying about conversions.

  • Learning via examples is a great way to make improvements to your own site, so Member Up has a teardown of Laracast that has some tips you can use for your own membership or course site.

  • Cart66 has a deep dive into using keyword tools for SEO research while planning your content marketing strategy.

Other Tips & Articles

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