Back in the day I referenced a post from Shopify on why VR would be important for eCommerce, and they’ve just announced a VR app for stores to design tee shirts, which is a really neat example of what VR could do for stores. Keep an eye on it 🙂

Now onto lots of updates!

New or Updated Plugins & Themes

  • AffiliateWP version 1.9 has been released to improve both admin and affiliate reporting, add PayPal “buy button” integration, add WooCommerce variable product support for referral rates, and better support for EDD Software Licensing, among some other useful changes.

  • WooCommerce Authorize.Net CIM has been updated to add support for Accept.js, which is a great security feature for Authorize.Net, and to also add eCheck authorization messages.

  • The Free downloads extension for Easy Digital Downloads has a significant update that supports direct downloads, bundle products, a free product shortcode, and some other nice features.

  • Speaking of Easy Digital Downloads, here’s a super-neat free plugin from Scott Bolinger: EDD Metrics has been released to give you more detailed revenue reporting for EDD (modeled on Baremetrics).

  • The Customer / Order XML Export plugin for WooCommerce has been updated to version 2.0 to add some cool features like backgrounded exports, a custom format builder, transfer monitoring, automated customer exports, and other management tools.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions has an overview of what’s coming in version 2.1, which is now in beta testing.

Tutorials & Reviews

  • I’ve not been a huge fan of page builder plugins after having run into them more times than I cared to while supporting premium eCommerce plugins, and apparently Pippin Williamson has shared this feeling. However, he’s done something about it 😉 and has published a massive page builder comparison, testing WP / basic plugin compatibility, which should be a great point of consideration for eCommerce sites.

  • This is a really useful tutorial from Nose Graze on sending discount codes to new email subscribers with Easy Digital Downloads.

  • The Saucal team has a neat case study on about making the WooCommerce search much faster on large sites.

Marketing & Conversions

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