Howdy! Hope you all are enjoying some Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts in your shopping (don’t forget we have a collection of deals on eCommerce tools!)

A light week this week due to holiday prep, but we’ve still got a nice collection of updates for you to check out while shopping this weekend.

New or Updated Plugins & Themes

  • AffiliateWP has launched a Zapier integration, which is available as a Pro Add-on. This lets you trigger actions via AffiliateWP and lets Zapier relay them to other services (i.e., “Affiliate Registers → add to MailChimp list”, or “Payout processed → add a row to a Google Sheet”).

Tutorials & Reviews

Other Tips & Articles

  • Shopify has a nice collection of Black Friday emails that can provide some inspiration for the rest of your holiday marketing.

  • Chances are your customer service queue is going to be a bit more full with holiday sales underway, so check out these keys to customer service from Salesforce.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!

Posted by Beka Rice

Beka Rice manages the direction of Sell with WP content and writes or edits most of our articles to share her interests in eCommerce. Or she just writes as an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga. Who knows.