Howdy! A quick shameless plugin to start us off this week 🙂 I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Bob Dunn about Google Analytics metrics for growing an eCommerce store. We covered a lot of the eCommerce-specific reports and information you can pull from Google Analytics and how you can use that information to increase sales or improve your site’s shopping experience.

New or Updated Plugins & Themes

  • A Facebook for WooCommerce extension has been released to help you get Facebook ads set up for items in your store, along with using Facebook shop pages to sell items directly via Facebook.

Tutorials & Reviews

Marketing & Conversions

Other Tips & Articles

  • High return rates tend to plague eCommerce stores, and they’re only on the rise, as offering a generous return policy is basically a must-have these days. Shopify Plus has some great tips on reducing return rates by improving your predictions of what customers want.

  • Practical Ecommerce has several tips for you on building the best product images, which are a main driver of sales for some product types.

  • Tax time is never a fun time for any business, and Shopify has several tips on eCommerce deductions that you should be using to reduce taxable income.

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