Howdy! This week’s roundup is coming to you from Post Status Publish, where I’ll be speaking in a few hours ? wish me luck!

New or Updated Plugins & Themes

Tutorials & Reviews

  • Woo Ninja Nicola Mustone has a neat tutorial to help you show a few suggested products in WooCommerce when the product search yields no results.

Marketing & Conversions

  • Corra has an interesting look at biggest pet peeves for customer when shopping in an eCommerce store in their recent fashion conversion study — I was definitely surprised to see how important navigation and menu structure were to customers.

  • Customer loyalty is incredibly valuable for your brand, not only for increased lifetime value, but also for the network effect of customers sharing your store with others. ConversionXL has some great thoughts on the importance of customer loyalty and how you can optimize for it.

  • MemberPress has a list of social media metrics that you should be aware of and tracking.

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