This week’s deep read: How Top Brands Structure Their eCommerce Product Category Listings from Atlantis Themes. Lots of insights into how to manage the browsing / filtering experience for customers using your categories.

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  • Power Reviews outlines the importance of post-purchase emails this week along with detailed guidelines for post-purchase emails to get more product reviews.

  • Product packaging is an important part of the eCommerce experience, as unboxing a mailed good is the same as walking into a retail store. A Better Lemonade Stand has a review of using Packlane for custom packaging to take your store’s brand and unboxing experience to the next level.

  • Speaking of packaging, Shopify has a great interview this week on product packaging tips.

  • ConversionXL published a great guide to usability testing for DIYers to start improving the browsing experience on their site.

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