A random, sad personal note: WooCommerce has retired Canvas, which was one of the first WordPress themes I’d ever worked with! I definitely haven’t used it in some time (I think Storefront is a more robust option these days), but sad to see an era end.

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  • A Better Lemonade Stand has a detailed review of using Jilt for cart abandonment.

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  • The eCommerce Fuel podcast this week interviews VC Zach Ware, and there’s a great segment that stuck out to me on the cost of great customer service at Zappos, which was a huge revenue driver for them:

    But you think about that when you’re small and you think that’s expensive. It must cost so much money to be that flexible. And I remember getting this email this one day and we had done $8 million in revenue that day, that day…On that $8 million day, those write downs [customer service costs] cost us $300,000. And that’s it, that’s the cost of it.

  • The Shopify Plus blog has a crazy-detailed guide to inventory management, which is especially useful for merchants with inventory being used by multiple sales channels.

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