What is Sell with WordPress about?

WordPress is a small but growing chunk of the online eCommerce space. WooCommerce currently has the most active installs out of any WordPress eCommerce plugin, yet it only represents 5.4% of the top one million eCommerce sites (WPeC is not far behind though, so we estimate that WordPress eCommerce represents about 12% of the eCommerce space). As a result, it’s really difficult to find comprehensive information about how to sell with WordPress – most information out there on the interwebs is focused on larger platforms. That’s what makes up the main goal of Sell with WP — we aim to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality information available for users looking to sell using WordPress.

Ever wonder whether you should use WooCommerce vs Jigoshop to power your WordPress eCommerce store? Maybe you need to find a solution for tracking both print and online advertising and you’re not sure how to do it? That’s where we come in. We’re printing the latest news, tips, and tricks for successful WordPress eCommerce sites. Want your eCommerce news bundled up into a beautiful little news nugget? Check out our weekly roundups on Fridays. Our reason for existing is to fill the information hole that we’ve seen about the eCommerce side of WordPress.

We welcome any tricks or news you want to share as well! If you found another article or a product useful, let us know! If we’re going to try to provide the most efficient WordPress eCommerce tool possible, we know our readers will have great suggestions. Thanks for joining in!

Posted by Beka Rice

Beka Rice manages the direction of Sell with WP content and writes or edits most of our articles to share her interests in eCommerce. Or she just writes as an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga. Who knows.