WooCommerce product pages include almost all of the data you’ll need about products – reviews, attributes, variations, short and long descriptions, pricing, and more. However, there’s one problem with product pages: they’re static. They’re not interactive.

The “Reviews” section is the only place where some interaction can take place, but this is typically reserved for customers that you’ve already gained – not your potential purchasers. What if these potential customers want to get involved with questions, discussion, or comments?

This is where a plugin that handles WooCommerce product questions or comments can be extremely valuable, which is the goal of the free WooDiscuz plugin.

WooDiscuz is meant to give your online store some life and to provide a medium for customer-to-customer, customer-to-guest, employee-to-customer, and employee-to-guest interactions. You can allow product and pre-sales questions, comments, and discussion around your products alongside of product reviews to create a community or culture around your brand.

This also provides the opportunity to reduce purchasing barriers and increase sales by answering customer questions and interacting with them before they buy. We’ve got a brief WooDiscuz review today that details how to use the plugin to create a WooCommerce product discussion tab in your store.

WooCommerce Product Questions: WooDiscuz Overview

WooDiscuz is a brand-new WooCommerce extension that’s available for free. It’s compatible with both WooCommerce and the BuddyPress profile system to create a discussion area for your products.

WooDiscuz Review

When activated and configured, it adds a new tab to the product page that allows for comments to be used for customer interaction. This can be used alongside of the WooCommerce product reviews so that you don’t have to sacrifice one or the other – you can allow reviews for purchases, and discussion for WooCommerce product questions or pre-sales inquiries at the same time.

WooDiscuz Review | New Discussion

Start a discussion

You can name the tab and heading as you choose in order to direct the discussion – use the WooDiscuz tab for pre-sales, comments, questions, support, or any forum-type system.

WooDiscuz Review | Tab Title

Not only does this let you answer questions and comments publicly, but it can help you create brand loyalty by developing relationships with your customers.

WooCommerce Product Questions: WooDiscuz Setup

You’ll have to do an upgrade routine once you’ve installed and activated the WooDiscuz plugin in order to be able to use comments alongside of product reviews (which are actually another version of WordPress comments). This takes just a minute or two upon clicking the “synchronize” button.

WooDiscuz Review | Install


The plugin will add a new WooDiscuz menu at the bottom of your WP admin. This is where you can configure the general settings and adjust phrasing as needed for your store.

The general settings will let you enable or disable options, such as sharing and voting, as well as comment moderation (though there is a basic Captcha included by default).

WooDiscuz Review | Settings

General Settings

Phrase settings will let you adjust the frontend text for the plugin. This is very handy if you want to, for example, use the discussion for product and pre-sales questions, as you can change the tab label and heading.

WooDiscuz Review | Phrase settings

Phrase settings

WooCommerce Product Questions: WooDiscuz Admin

When a shop employee or a customer makes a comment or discussion contribution, it can be managed just like a blog post comment. If you moderate comments, you can approve them or edit them as needed from the Comments menu in WordPress.

WooDiscuz Review | Backend

Moderating comments

Just note that if you moderate comments with the plugin, this will include comments made by admins or shop managers, so they’ll need to be approved from this menu.

Other than comment review and setup, there’s nothing else needed from the admin side!

WooCommerce Product Questions: WooDiscuz Frontend

Customers can easily add comments or questions to the WooDiscuz tab without an account. Accounts are required for voting, but not for commenting.

WooDiscuz Review | New Comment

Customer experience

Once a comment has been added, it will be displayed with an author title, voting and sharing options, as well as the ability to reply. Admins will also see an “Edit” option to edit or moderate comments as needed.

Author titles will be displayed as “Guest” (non-logged in), “Customer” (logged in), or “Support” (Admin or Shop Manager), and these titles can be customized via the Phrase settings.

WooDiscuz Review | Comment

New Comment

Replies will be nested up to one level deep, so you’ll have a maximum of two comment levels in this tab.

If you have enough comments on a product page, they’ll be paginated. Customers can view all comments without refreshing the page by clicking “Load More Comments”, and you can change this text as needed. For example, if using this for pre-sales questions, you may want it to read “Load More Questions”.

WooDiscuz Review | Paged comments

Paged Comments

You can turn off voting, sharing, titles, and other options from the plugin settings. For example, here’s a comparison of using author titles or no titles for the Discussions tab:

WooDiscuz Review | Titles

Author Titles shown

WooDiscuz Review | no titles

Hiding Author Titles

WooCommerce Product Questions: WooDiscuz Other Comments

As this is a very new plugin, it’s a great start with room to grow. While I ran into a couple minor bugs while testing this (no software will be bug-free at first), the authors have already patched them, and have promptly responded to any questions I had about the plugin. The fact that all issues are being patched quickly is a good sign going forward.

There are also some interesting things to come. For example, WooDiscuz will soon be connected to a “WooDiscuz eCommerce Products Global Community”. This will let shop owners share their products in global discussions in the WooDiscuz Community in order to gain visitors through another traffic source.

WooCommerce Product Questions: WooDiscuz Conclusions

WooDiscuz adds the ability to accept comments, questions, and dicussion for your products in order to allow customers to interact with your and with one-another. This can be a great way to afford you the opportunity to answer your WooCommerce product questions and pre-sales queries, as well as a way to interact with both existing and potential customers.

You can take all of the risk out of purchasing for new customers and increase your conversions by allowing them to ask questions. Create a community around your products via a forum-style discussion. Foster brand loyalty by interacting with existing and potential customers right in your shop.

And best of all, you can do it for free 🙂 .


Note: This post was sponsored by gVectors, as the product was provided for us to review. The opinions in this article are solely those of the author without bias, and are based on experiences using the product. For more information, please see our editorial policy.

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