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  2. Setting up a Membership Site with Cart66 Cloud
  3. Setting up a Membership Site with Exchange
  4. Creating a WP eCommerce Membership Site
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Integrating Membership Sites with eCommerce Plugins

We’ve recently written several articles on creating membership sites using WordPress eCommerce platforms that we’d like to summarize and compare side-by-side for those of you that aren’t currently tied into a platform, or are looking to switch.

Before we get started, I’d like to point out that we published an article on general membership plugins for any WordPress site that you can check out if you only want to sell memberships. There are some truly great plugins available, and many are only getting better. This set of articles is more for those of you that want to sell products in addition to memberships, as integrating membership functionality with an eCommerce plugin is probably the one of the best solutions for this setup.

So for those of you looking for a solution or looking to switch, here are some points to consider.

Which platform should I use for my store + membership site?

If you haven’t check out our eCommerce Platform guide, I’d take a look to consider what you’ll need for the product sales side of your store. Consider how much weight to give the product sales side of your site versus the membership side while evaluating with plugin will be the right one for you. If the membership side of the coin is more important to you, then you may want to compare what each platform can do (you can view the spreadsheet below here as well).

Are you selling subscriptions to a physical product? I’d consider WooCommerce or Cart66 Cloud. WooCommerce subscriptions offers a lot of functionality and flexibility in setting up billing cycles and user capabilities concerning subscriptions. Cart66 Cloud is easier to use, but isn’t nearly as extensible as WooCommerce, so you’ll have to determine what you prefer. Pricing for the first year is comparable between the two (solely based on this functionality), and WooCommerce licenses renew at cheaper prices each subsequent year. Really though, both are good choices. Exchange‘s Recurring Payments add-on will also allow you to sell subscriptions to physical products, but the billing features are not as strong.

Even though we didn’t cover it in this series, Shopp will also allow you to sell subscriptions to a physical product, but there’s no way to assign members to groups for content access. You can set free or paid trial periods, but cannot set sign-up fees with free trial periods. The only way to assign a set-up fee is to set a price for a one-day trial, so you have choose which you want to use. One of the benefits to Shopp is that the shipping settings and discounts are pretty flexible, so if you don’t need to put members into groups with a subscription, you can also look into using Shopp for your site.

Membership and WordPress eCommerce | Shopp Subscription product

Shopp Subscription Product

Want the simplest to use? You’ll probably want to check out Exchange. You’ll be limited some by the recurring billing side of things, as you can’t set sign-up fees or free trials, but content restriction is extensive and super easy to use.

Easy Digital Downloads does a good job covering the rest of the bases for sites selling only virtual products. Content restriction is very easy to use, recurring billing is flexible, and EDD is also pretty extensible. WooCommerce can cover much, if not all, of the same functionality, but will probably be overkill for stores with only virtual products, and the Groups integration is a bit difficult to use. Cart66 can also be used for virtual products as content restriction is easy to use, but again, it won’t be as extensible as other platforms.

Restricting logins is also not possible with Cart66, as user accounts are not assigned as WordPress users. Other eCommerce plugins use WordPress user roles for subscribers, so you can restrict logins using the free WP Bouncer plugin. Logins are restricted to one IP address at a time, which is not foolproof, but is a good deterrent from sharing site credentials. I’d also be curious to see actual statistics on how often user credentials are shared to determine how much revenue is lost from shared credentials – anyone actually have hard data for this?

Need content dripping? You’ll have to go with Cart66 Cloud or Exchange. Billing is more flexible with Cart66 and the cart system is hosted for easy setup and security, while Exchange offers more detailed content restriction, very simple usage, and is better for stores with physical products as well.

In Review

To summarize, if you only want membership functionality, check out our article on WordPress membership plugins. If you want to integrate an eCommerce store with memberships, then you have a lot of great choices available. Selecting a platform will solely depend on what you need / prefer for your store. Since we like you all so much, we’ve tried to simplify this into a “Integrating Membership Sites with eCommerce Plugins” infographic (full size here – open in a new tab):

As I mentioned before, selling shippable subscription-based products is easy with both WooCommerce and Cart66, so I’d recommend giving both a shot. As for virtual products or content, please let us know if you have suggestions or experiences to share with any other platforms!

Posted by Beka Rice

Beka Rice manages the direction of Sell with WP content and writes or edits most of our articles to share her interests in eCommerce. Or she just writes as an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga. Who knows.


  1. Hi Beka
    Thanks for all your informative reviews of Membership plugins for WordPress. Can you say anything about reporting and analysis capabilities of any of those covered? I’m interested in allowing my client to see who downloaded/bought what. This way they can perhaps pursue the most promising to convert them to their own clients!

    1. Hey Robert, I’m assuming you’re also selling products through your membership site, so you need to use an eCommerce plugin? If that’s the case, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads have the best reporting and order management capabilities, so you can view which customers bought which items and view purchasing histories.

  2. Hi Beka
    Which membership plugin will be for more supportive with woocommerce booking and appointment plugin.

    1. Hey Tarun, I’d recommend checking out Groups + Groups for WooCommerce in this case.

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